how to crave nutrition

and how simple it can be to follow a healthy lifestyle

About the blogger...


Hi. I'm Myeisha. I am a highschooler who is passionate about the nutrition and wellness of my fellow Americans. (and everyone else, too!). I like reading blogs, learning new things about the world (languages, culture, food) and helping peple.

My main goal for this blog is to make a change in people's lives. I've really wanted to make a change and/or help people become knowledgable of what they consume and how they live their lives. It's alarming how hidden the food industry's functions are and how fact the organic and natural whole food markets are growing. Obviously people are getting the message.

Just like most bloggers, I wasn't always passionate or I wasn't always the most alert when it came to nutrition and health. I was pretty oblivious before this point and I'm glad I've made it to where I am today. In a middle class family residing in a deflating economy, my family lived on a budget when it came to food. I got the cheapest, most convenient. Sometimes I'd fancy it up with some oven ready frozen meals or stove top, packaged in a sealed box pasta. (maybe the worst things to eat)

Thankfully, I've seen some eye opening things in my time (which is fairly short) and changed myself quickly.

In the future...

I've thought of doing many things... owning different countless businesses, making art, being a fashion designer, a writer, a commercial banker, and most currently, not only a nutritionist but a LIFE CHANGER. Specfically... I don't know. Maybe some type of nutritional advocate. Maybe a politician (I have a fair share of opinions, whether dealing with health or not :]) or a public speaker (need practice on that). I hope to go to college, get a masters or higher, learn as much as possible about what I want to do, finish one or two languages (I'm great in spanish), attend the institute of integrative nutrition online and help people. That's what I'm thinking right now. It might change in five seconds. (jk)

I plan on getting some type of job so I can keep up with the demand of my grocery shopping. It can be cheap, but if you're picky like me or if you want more variety or have a big family, it's going to take more moolah.

In order to keep this physical fitness thing going, I plan on going on some hikes (convenient and close in my area) and joining some aerobic classes at my school. Fun!

Not only have I felt better since my revelation, but it inspired me to help others. I'm seriously tired of looking to my right and left and seeing someone suffer with cancer, diabetes type 2, stress, tiredness, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity and SO MUCH MORE. I don't even blame us. I blame the curtain that hides the true works of the food industry. Why so greedy? :[

We can change that, though. All we have to do is live a healthy lifestyle. (in my STRONG opinion)

Where can you get more information on having a healthy lifestyle? Without paying for weekly meals that only last for as long as your subscription? Without paying for a program? Without stressing, counting calories, counting sodium counts or drinking skim milk? Without spending HOURS and hours in the gym trying out needless tools that the cavemen would be baffled by?

Here. That's why I made this blog. & All you need to do is crave the nutrition. ^_^ 

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Sources and Useful Websites

"find out what's really in your food"

this awesome website gives you the ingredients and it's predicted health score. It's a real wakeup call to those of you who don't really pay attention to what's in your food. I use this alot and I recommend it for anyone who needs a bit more guidance on choosing foods. They have a score on msot things including raw fruits and veggies, frozen meals, organic products, fast food restaurant meals, pasta and even over the top medicine. You can even click on some of the ingredients and an explanation/definition will come up, giving you more information on it. The only downside is that some of the products might be poorly scored, but you'll know if it's right to eat or not if you follow this blog frequently. :] (REMEMBER, don't go crazy over the product just because it has a high score. It's important to look only for wholefood ingredients without the scientific stuff)

"you're ultimate shelf life guide"

since you're gunna need more fresh food in the kitchen, you're going need to learn how to store fresh wholefoods and how long they will last. This is one of the great sites I use nearly everytime I go to the farmer's market and it can also tell you how to store them. I recommend the freezing options each time.

Fruits and Veggies that are in Season

It's important to buy fruits and vegetables that are currently in season. When you don't, you're most likely buying something that is processed, GMO'd or something along those lines... We don't want that in our bodies. By buying things that are in season, the vendor becomes knowledgable of what the customers like during what times of the year and most likely, they won't even need to do the extra chemical extracting to get the veggies and fruits to grow effeciently, since they are already influenced by the time of year.