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The Robots we call our Doctors

Posted on May 22, 2012 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Lately, the healthcare industry has just been deflating like a popped balloon. As we get unhealthier, the costs get bigger and bigger. The more our food industry modernizes with technological innovation, science fairs and experiments (in which the American people are the lab rats), we fail to not only produce better educational, judicial and economical systems in these trying times, but we get fatter, sicker and weaker.

A dear loved one of mine contracted cancer not too long ago. She doesn’t even remember who told her first about her tumors. However, she did what was recommended even if she was weary and sickened in the heart. Of course, it sickened all of us. We didn’t think about her nutrition or current lifestyle and wellbeing. We thought about her getting through the surgery and following medication.

Previously, when she had her scheduled doctor’s appointments (before the cancer), if she had a low potassium count or high cholesterol, she was prescribed medication. Even if she was told to eat certain foods or to lower sodium intake, it was vaguely given information, not helping one bit.

“Eat foods with more potassium each day. Here is a list.”

Instead of: “Here, let me explain to you what potassium is, why you need it, and how you can incorporate it into your diet. Also, since we’ve also found that you have high sodium levels, I will explain what it is, the importance of it, how to consume it in moderation and what you can do to change it. What the hey! Let’s also explain the importance of natural and whole foods since you are above your ideal weight. As doctors, we don’t just uniformly provide to the public. We specialize in giving the public information on how to remain in great health, on why it’s important and on how they can achieve a nutritious diet and happy lifestyle.”

Of course, the second quote sounds too good to be true.

Instead of doing that, medication is often distributed. It’s obvious why. It’s a money maker along with the food industry’s sly promises of proclaimed nutritional value on their highly processed and inedible food products. Not even food. Just products.

My point is that doctors should be more than a pharmacy. We should be able to get the same information from them that we get from a nutritionist. They should be able to inform us of what’s right and what is wrong. Sadly, that’s just not the case most of the time.

I won’t lie. Doctors do give us valuable steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, it’s only when we “need” it or in a minimal outline.

If we have to lose weight, what do they tell you?

“lower fat intake, eat more vegetables”. Right? It might seem like the right thing to do, but is it?

They either don’t realize or don’t tell you that in what most people have available to them (in a commercial grocery store) might be low fat and have lots of proclaimed health benefits, yet are highly processed. The vegetables are either sprayed with harmful pesticides (that don’t wash off much) and/or are GMO’d (Genetically modified). The processed skim milk combined with those out of season carrots and strawberries in a smoothie (just using an example!) causes your liver to work harder to get rid of those chemicals and altered versions of nature and slows down your metabolism. Because of this, your body isn’t even able to break down the fat intake of the day since it’s been getting rid of all of the modern gruel you’ve eaten.

Eating this everyday…. Gets worse.

I seriously just think doctors should be less uniform, more informative and knowledgeable of what people really need in their bodies. Stop prescribing medicine and prescribe me some organics!


Garlic Black Bean Hummus

Posted on May 5, 2012 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Nothing like some bean dip for some black corn tortilla chips or some nice whole grain pita bread. Making this dip was my first time even trying to puree beans to make any type of dip. I usually just drain some canned beans and throw them in a turkey chili or quesadilla. Found out that this is a great way to put some southwestern flavor to your healthy living since the recipe I borrowed called for some Cumin.


• 1 head of garlic (roasted or raw)/ 2-3 tablespoons of minced garlic (look at the link to see how it was roasted)

• 3 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

• 1 can DRAINED and RINSED Black Beans (15 Oz.) (or any type of beans you like)

• 1 lemon, Juiced (I used lime)

• ½ teaspoon Cumin

• Pepper (add salt if the can of beans had none)

I mixed everything together, excluding the olive oil and pureed it all in a blender. After it was kind of smooth, I started to add the olive oil in.

I added the dip to some sprouted grain bread to make a veggie sandwich. I got some applause from my friends even though I didn’t like it as much as I wanted. HOWEVER, I love it as it was intended to be. A DIP.

Almond Butter: Maranatha and the beauty of Almond butter inside AND out

Posted on May 5, 2012 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Along with 'em being tasty and all, they are full of fiber (which is a necessity) and tons of vitamins. Even though they are full of fat, it's the fat that we actually need. It's the fat that isn't processed and is unsaturated. It's the fat that keeps us healthy and strong. Along with other nuts, it's also full of protein to keep those muscles nice and sturdy. Eating nuts in general can help lower cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) which can increase the healthiness of your heart! (the fats are supposedly helping lower cholesterol) I've also read somewhere that nuts have been suggested to improve your arteries which reduce the risk of blood clots and such.

Let’s go over the upsides of nuts:

• Omega 3 - perhaps one of the most important things that your body needs. Mostly found in fish, these fatty acids are very, very important in anyone's diet. They can relieve inflammation and pain in the body, are healthy for the heart, can contribute to better metabolism productivity and more. :] You can get more information on Omega 3 with this nice presentation on fish and krill oils.

• Vitamins - Vitamin E is in this nut; high amounts of it I believe. Vitamin E can help your arteries fight plaque buildup.

• Protein - good for those veggie-tarians. Replacing nuts with beef jerky as a snack can be a healthier choice.

• Fiber - 15-25g a day, and we'll get rid of waste efficiently. :D

• They taste good and are convenient! You can throw some spices on them (limit yourself to avoid the high sodium and whatnot) and you're on your way once you put them in a plastic bag.

And....the bad side.

• High fat amount; it's important to eat this nut in moderation. A handful a day (maybe a small handful) is definitely the limit.

Now, you have all of these benefits in a nice and creamy spread called almond butter. Now, it might two toned and nuttier in taste, unlike peanut butter, but it is VERY tasty.

For my first try of almond butter, I chose Maranatha. (Maranatha: Butter All Natural No Stir Almond Creamy)

Other than the taste, what I like about this almond butter is that is a bit inexpensive. I bought this for $3 and some change. The peanut butter is a dollar below this price, I believe, so if you don't wanna invest in this, go right for the regular stuff.

I chose the "All Natural" type since I didn't realize they had the organic kinds. GO FOR THE ORGANIC. :] But if you don't see it, or whatever the reason, all natural is fine. It's not going to kill you. I think they're pretty much the same anyway.

The ingredients in mine were: Dry Roasted Almonds, Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar, Palm Oil, Sea Salt...

I have to do some research on palm oil... but for now, it's cool with me.

Here, you can see that lovely color. I would definitely recommend this one, since I haven't yet tried the others and this one tastes phenomenal.


• Raw varieties (all of the good stuff isn't lost; doesn't become too rancid due to roasting process)

• Organic varieties

• Little to just ONE ingredient: almonds! ; the ingredients that are present won't harm a fly

• no salt options

• great taste and it has less than 3g of sugar. (honey is awesome)

• inexpensive

• Nice color!

View their website @

I bought it from walmart.

and of course, you'll see my review down there somewhere. :D


Simple yet Complicated

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I’ve heard many opinions on how to keep your body healthy and of course, I’ve seen many diets and programs that “achieve” this and other things such as weight-loss, cancer, diabetes and more. Even though I’m a tyke compared to other bloggers I’ve followed (not actually followed, I’ve just read their blogs), I’ve decided that I want to use the knowledge and research I’ve done on nutrition and help people with it. I’m tired of looking at a television program about a morbidly obese woman or man trying or succeeding at losing gallons of gallons of fat off of their body (not really, because these shows interest me too much). Instead of getting to this problem, I want to help people before they even encounter it. I want to make sure that people have the knowledge to know what food in this witch of a food industry is good for you and which is bad. I want to help some learn how they can cure their tiredness or stress by altering their diet and changing their sedentary lifestyle. And I DON’T want people to resort to programs or other items that have to be paid for. I want everyone to have this information. If we all shared certain things, the economy would be a better place, right? :] IDK

The reason I’ve gotten into nutrition in the first place is when I got tired of being weak and tired. Coming from school and the only thing you wanna do is take a nap isn’t something I liked doing. Wasting the day sucks. Also, due to other personal experiences (family stuff) and my sense of nationalism (hate seeing fellow Americans get suffocated in illness and fat… ), I feel as though everyone could know how to treat their body. It really surprises me how some are just plain oblivious. Nevertheless, they remain happy while enduring health problems. All in all, I think that health AND happiness are just a win-win. Double the happiness.

Now, since I ate a fair amount of junk, which is horrible, it took me a while to find out what I really like to cook that is good for you. Countless trips to the farmer’s market, unbearable and exceeding the budget prices and this fad with “organic food” really stressed out my family when it came to me grocery shopping. However, it’s all worth it in the end. I find out what is cheap and good for you at the same time, which is hard for people to understand at times. At first, it might take an investment but eating healthy can REALLY be affordable. I think it depends on how picky you are of an eater or not… but overall, It can be cheap! I will explain this in future posts, so don’t worry.

Other than it all being affordable, another complicated issue when it comes to being nice and healthy is ignorance of HOW to be healthy. Now when I say ignorance, I mean the fact that people don’t know how but are influenced by their surroundings which tend to give off stereotypes and what not. Nothing wrong with this because, to be honest, there isn’t anyone to blame except the mean food industry. They trick most into buying their product just because of the proclaimed health benefits, but there is always a catch.

The easy part of all of this is your raise in confidence, possibly energy, happiness and great health. I was actually happier and I felt better about myself when I start treating my body better. Also, if you’re trying to lose weight, leaving behind the processed 2% milk and low fat snacks and frozen meals, I seriously think you’ll succeed because not only is your body ingesting what it’s SUPPOSED to ingest, but your metabolism with improve, along with everything else that goes with it. Everything is linked to being healthy in my perspective and plenty of other nutritionists whether they are amateur or experienced would agree.

    What can you expect?


·         Tips on how to save money and buy healthy whole foods at an affordable price in an affordable way. 

·         Simple recipes for easy fixes: Breakfast, dinner, lunch, snacking and drinks

·         Nutrition Facts and Information on certain foods

·         Fitness tips: My take on exercise and what types of exercise do you need for your body

·         An opportunity to post your own opinions and tips on nutrition

·         REVIEWS on products that are not nearly as bad as the highly processed and/or unhealthy snacks and meals. This would be ideal for people who need quick fixes.

·         The best foods for weight loss, diabetes and other

·         Links and sources for you to find out what foods are good for you on your own

What exactly is there to know?


Motivation (when trying to better yourself):

They key to changing your lifestyle into a healthy one is having some type of amount of motivation. Maybe you’ve been a cancer patient or have had someone close to you that has had cancer. In my opinion, the reason why cancer, even though it is widely caused by nature and whatnot, is such a big controversy is because of the diet and lifestyle people have been living in the past 100 years. The reason why I think this is because sugar foods are a staple of most of our diets, even if we don’t think so. Frozen meals, breads and pasta (which naturally turn to sugar when ingested anyway) and even those “sugarless” cookies or candies, which are filled with sugar replacements which, 9/10 are even worse for you). Sugar additives are added to so many foods even the foods that seem completely savory. We eat these foods, including diet sodas, which a handful of us might think is better for you than regular soda pop, each day. All of this sugar creates an acidic environment in your body, which cancer loves. It can cause bone loss, weakening of bones, slower metabolism (your body will try harder to balance the acidity out), and cavities. Now, it shouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve had tons of fills in your teeth due to excessive candy and cake eating when you were a kid.

Other than cancer being a motivation, there is a more popular one, which is obesity. Of course, when you are obese, it’s probably because you are unhealthy. I seriously believe that if you ate the right thing and if you did the right thing, you’d feel better and you would look better, even though you’re probably outstandingly beautiful or handsome at this moment. When it comes to being overweight or fat specifically, there tends to be misinterpretations on losing weight. Diets do NOT work (in my opinion, and they are a waste). And if they do, it’s probably unnecessary or it will only work for a short period of time (two weeks to a month) and stop working. Now, if it’s successful all the way through, then that’s great. However, how long do you think you can take a diet? A couple of months? Possibly a year? Odds are, you’ll get bored and go back to your old ways. All of it is unnecessary. Eat what you want, but know what you eat. Take into consideration what it is and make sure what you’re eating is WHOLE and unprocessed (easier than it sounds). Don’t worry, I’ll teach you everything I know if you keep reading this blog.

Now of course, many people think about how they will look instead of feel. I think this part is important. If you’re too busy checking your weight instead of your emotions, you won’t make much process. I think this is why people are so devastated when they eat something “wrong” or when they miss like a whole week of their daily dose of fitness. They forget the key to their success: being healthy in the first place. If you feel better, keep it that way. Don’t beat yourself up each time you eat a piece of chocolate or a slice of cake topped with gravy.

Of course, there are more motivations, but these are some that I wanted to cover. Whatever your motivation is, keep it in mind. Set reminders for yourself. Do something for you that is productive and/or will have a long-lasting and helpful outcome, such as great health!


Sedentary Lifestyles:

Physical activity is important for everyone. It doesn’t matter about your weight, size, age, NOTHING. Many people achieve this weekly or daily through the common exercise. You know, the pushups, weight lifting, cardio, palates, yoga… all of that. Working your body keeps you healthy in numerous ways. Keeps you fit, sustains muscle mass, helps with weight-loss, and your metabolism. It also gets rid of a certain hormone (can’t remember the name) which induces stress. When you exercise, this hormone is released into the body to compensate for all that hard work you do, which prevents you from stressing and being frustrated later on. When you have a sedentary lifestyle, which is a lifestyle that contains little to none or irregular physical activity (irregular meaning exercising one month then stopping for the next two, same with weeks), you probably will be a bit more emotional, tired (YES, you have more energy when you exercise) and weaker. I think it’s very important when your older since you tend to lose more muscle mass while when younger, it’s sustained due to youth more so. Either way, it should be prevalent.

Remember, there is always sports and fun activities you can do. Racing, football, basketball, badminton (love it), jumping rope, soccer,  


Your diet Lifestyle:

There is much confusion or ASSUMPTIONS when eating alleged health foods. The most important thing is that the food is unprocessed and whole. If nothing at all, know what each ingredient on the nutrition label is. If it’s an apple, orange or evaporated cane juice aka sugar (watch it when eating sugar), great. If it’s stuff like natural and artificial flavoring, Phosphoric Acid, High Fructose Corn Syrup (okay, everyone knows what this is, but if it wasn’t so controversial, you get what I mean), Sodium Benzoate and more, then you might not want to get it.

Now, earlier, I’ve said that you can still eat what you want. I don’t recommend any reduced fat cheese or reduced fat anything. Most things reduced fat catch people’s attention with the promise of “low fat being healthier” are more than likely processed and there for, not good for you. Detesting any frozen dinners, especially with the promise of it being available of lower calories or other health benefits, I do have many products to review that are acceptable. :]

The reason why these reduced fat unedible foods are probably not good for you is that most of the time these products have the fat processed out of them or contain ingredients replaced with processed replacements and other stuff we don’t need in our body. These ingredients slower our metabolism but forcing out liver and body to get rid of the unfamiliar (remember the cavemen!) substances and it doesn’t have time to breakdown fat and absorb the fat and nutrients like it intends. 


Having Self Control:

Changing your lifestyle into a healthy one takes time, especially if your current one is filled with processed macaroni and sugary drinks. What you eat, how you eat it, when and why might change when you are converting yourself to live better for your body. This is where self control comes into place. In order to dissolve habits, slowly change what you do. Maybe you can start trying to exercise ten minutes a day or every other if you don’t usually do anything. It’s also important to change your diet slowly so that you don’t feel to pressured and discouraged in the first week of your revelation.


Is that all I am should to know? Nope. There is more. That’s why this is a blog, not a onetime topic article!

I hope those who have read through this post like what they see and I hope that you guys come back for more. I really want to help those who yearn and crave nutrition so stick around if you are one of them. :]


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Sources and Useful Websites

"find out what's really in your food"

this awesome website gives you the ingredients and it's predicted health score. It's a real wakeup call to those of you who don't really pay attention to what's in your food. I use this alot and I recommend it for anyone who needs a bit more guidance on choosing foods. They have a score on msot things including raw fruits and veggies, frozen meals, organic products, fast food restaurant meals, pasta and even over the top medicine. You can even click on some of the ingredients and an explanation/definition will come up, giving you more information on it. The only downside is that some of the products might be poorly scored, but you'll know if it's right to eat or not if you follow this blog frequently. :] (REMEMBER, don't go crazy over the product just because it has a high score. It's important to look only for wholefood ingredients without the scientific stuff)

"you're ultimate shelf life guide"

since you're gunna need more fresh food in the kitchen, you're going need to learn how to store fresh wholefoods and how long they will last. This is one of the great sites I use nearly everytime I go to the farmer's market and it can also tell you how to store them. I recommend the freezing options each time.

Fruits and Veggies that are in Season

It's important to buy fruits and vegetables that are currently in season. When you don't, you're most likely buying something that is processed, GMO'd or something along those lines... We don't want that in our bodies. By buying things that are in season, the vendor becomes knowledgable of what the customers like during what times of the year and most likely, they won't even need to do the extra chemical extracting to get the veggies and fruits to grow effeciently, since they are already influenced by the time of year.